SALINE CO., Ark. (KTHV) - Jettway Performance, a unique business in Saline County helping people find and develop their talents, unveiled its new studio Friday.

The 4,000 square-foot space located on Woodson Lateral Road in Hensley (East End) allows instructors to take music, acting and communications lessons beyond the typical classroom.

"Not only do you get your traditional style lesson, but we work on the performing aspect of it like getting on a stage and getting under the lights and performing with other artists," Arkansas musician Zac Dunlap said.

In 2017, Dunlap, his wife and several friends opened Jettway. Within its first year, the studio grew to 115 students. As they take lessons in drumming, guitar, piano, vocal and more, Dunlap said students of all ages are learning more than just music technique.

"It teaches you communication," Dunlap said. "It teaches you obviously how to play and read music, but we're having a lot of results with kids doing better in school and gaining friendships, even translating into sports in some ways."

With the grand opening of a new facility, the studio owners hope to help more people discover their talents and pursue them with confidence.

"They encourage you to be you, and they make you feel like your talent is the best talent," student Larry Ware said.

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