LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — In the year 2020, film fans are well aware of movies being so bad that they're actually good.

But in the 90s is where these type of movies took a life of their own thanks to the rise of VHS tapes. 

And we're not going to say Tremors started it, but its success as the most rented film of 1990 is probably proof that it helped kickstart the "cult classic" movement.

Tremors, which is now streaming on Netflix, is one of those movies that is a perfect movie. Not because of the technical achievements or acting, but because the dialogue and plot of the movie is so bonkers it actually works.

In Tremors, the sleepy town of Perfection, Nevada is invaded by huge worms called "graboids" that can sense movement through seismic vibrations and feeds on humans, horses, or any animal basically.

Valentine (Kevin Bacon) and Earl (Fred Ward) roll into town to get tied up in fighting these graboids with a hilarious group of characters.

You've got Walter (Victor Wong) as your businessman trying to profit off the monster, Rhonda (Finn Carter) as your seismologist, and Burt and Heather (Michael Gross and Reba McEntire) as your over-the-top American gun owners.

And from there, you get a great send-up of monster movies while at the same time paying homage to the classics like Jaws and Godzilla.

The humor is perfect early-90s cheese while also creating such a weird, fun group of characters. Oh yeah, it was also originally Rated R but was cut down to PG-13, making for some corny one-liners and brutal action for a PG-13 movie.

And that successful cast is due in large part to the hilarious performance by Kevin Bacon. Some may say he was a star before this movie, but we're gonna say Tremors is what made Bacon a star.

But it's the great chemistry between Ward, Bacon and the rest of the crew that makes it such a fun watch.

And the second movie ain't half bad either. Don't watch anything past the second though, whatever you do.

But they're all on Netflix so if you're bored, just watch them all!

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