There's not much coming to the box office this weekend, so we sent Zach to go watch the only film coming to Arkansas.

Abominable is super pretty to watch, albeit a little predictable, but worth watching if you need your fix of cute movies. 

It follows a teenager, Yi, and her two cousins who discover a magical Yeti on their roof and try to get it back home to Mount Everest.

 As is tradition for Dreamworks animated movies, it focuses more on jokes rather than emotional storytelling like Disney does, which isn't a bad thing if you're looking for a fun time. 

But the main takeaway from this movie is the beautiful animation. Any time the yeti sings, he controls nature, and will blow your mind with it's colors. 

It's a solid family film, but don't expect to be buying yeti toys for your kids and singing the songs from the film.

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