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Capone sucks!

Chronicling the last year of Al Capone's life, Josh Trank wastes a truly bizarre Tom Hardy performance by making a boring movie around it.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Who knew that a movie about Al Capone's last year alive could be so boring?

Directed by Josh Trank, the film follows Capone (Tom Hardy) as he deals with his failing health due to neurosyphilis.

What follows that interesting premise is Hardy putting on a truly baffling performance, mumbling Italian curses and generally doing whatever the hell he wants.

And Trank, who hasn't had any success since Chronicle in 2012, fails to capitalize on Hardy's performance.

The dream sequences and the long scenes that go nowhere say almost nothing beyond what you see on the screen.

It's a shame, really. In any other movie, Hardy walking around in a diaper while brandishing a golden tommy gun would be something to talk about.

Instead, it just sucks.

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