It's hard to believe it took 21 films for Marvel to decide on its first female led film, but we're glad it's Captain Marvel. The film delivers a healthy dose of cheese while remaining true to the Marvel magic of blending humor and action with ease.

Starring Brie Larson as Captain Marvel and Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, the film quickly tackles the hardships women have had to face due to not only sexism but preconceived notions that don't apply.

And that is where the film shines. Directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, the film uses the comic book history of the Skrulls and Captain Marvel to show how a person can overcome often times bigoted, distorted worldviews and become who they truly are.

This film not only empowers women with a strong performance by Brie Larson and Lashana Lynch (as Maria Rambeau), but it smartly uses a side-plot to advocate for believing survivors and victims of traumatic events. - Michael Buckner

Can you say GIRL POWER? Captain Marvel brings forth her true powers of awesomeness in one of the most highly anticipated films of 2019. 

The half-human, half-Kree warrior is not just trying to find her powers, but also discovering the reason to get back up when the world tries to shove her down. 

When the term “saving the universe” doesn’t quite cut it in this film, Captain Marvel is forced to face off with friends and enemies to find her true purpose in this Marvel world. With the help of the great (and young) Nick Fury, Captain Marvel fills this superhero film with lots of 90’s nostalgia, humor and a great message to all of the brave women in the world who aren’t afraid to fight back. - Hana Williams