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Chaotic Tony returns in style on Survivor: Winners at War

Tony has been playing a low key game all season long, but that ended tonight when he went chaotic in all the best ways possible.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The passive aggressiveness of this season is finally over after the last two Tribal Councils.

And with the end of that also brings back the chaos that Tony is known for!

It was just perfect Survivor television and we can't wait for the rest of the season.

While last week's episode felt very rushed in terms of the gameplay, this episode really turned it up a notch in terms of camp life and strategy.

We got to see Sarah having fun and showing her personality during an island fashion show. One of the complaints about her win was that the audience never fully got to see this Sarah.

So it was great to see what made her such a strong winner.

But then we got everything that made us fall in love with Tony.

He was running around like a crazy man just like he did in Cagayan. He found an idol, got a disadvantage from Edge of Extinction, successfully got enough tokens to get rid of that, won immunity and orchestrated the blindside.

And what a blindside it was.

Not only did he successfully get enough votes to dethrone Sophie, she actually went home with an idol in her pocket!

If no one was coming after Tony before this, they certainly are now.

And Kim has been one step ahead of him all season, but she hasn't had the army to amass against. Maybe next week is the time to do it?

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