While Avengers: Endgame is most likely going to own the box office for its second weekend, there are still movies coming out and we reviewed them!

The Intruder

There’s been a weird trend in Hollywood lately where it seems like studios are releasing movies that were made 10 or 15 years ago. For example, last year’s The Happytime Murders feels like it’s a response to Who Frame Roger Rabbit, just 30 years too late.

This year’s movie ripped out-of-time is The Intruder. The movie follows Annie and Scott, played by Meagan Good and Michael Ealy, as they settle into a new home that was once owned by Dennis Quaid’s Charlie. The couple quickly realizes that something is not quite right with the mysterious old man but try to make the best of the weird situation.

You already know where this is going, and that’s because moviegoers have seen this plot play out time after time. It feels like this was supposed to come out 10 years ago alongside movies like Lakeview Terrace and remake of The Stepfather.

There is nothing new or original about this movie, and that’s its biggest downfall. It’s not a terribly made movie, but that doesn’t save it from being terribly generic and boring.

It’s obvious that the real intruder is the movie studio trying to break in and steal your money. At least Dennis Quaid is ripped? - JD Roberts

Long Shot

Long Shot, starring Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron, is on paper your typical rom-com movie, but the power lies in the performances of the lead characters. 

Theron is on a path towards becoming the first female president while Rogen is your typical journalist struggling to make a living. 

It's got all the same beats and pacing of a rom-com, but the film leans heavily on the chemistry of the two stars. You wouldn't think Rogen and Theron would have good chemistry at first considering the career trajectory of each actor, but Rogen has nailed his more serious roles (Steve Jobs, Funny People) and Theron has proven her comedic timing.

And although this is called Long Shot for multiple reasons, the film makes it clear the myth of someone being "out of your league" is kinda dumb. If you are yourself, you will find the right person to love no matter how you perceive yourself. - Michael Buckner

The two leads are lovable, the jokes (for the most part) land and even the side characters (is that Andy Serkis??) have actual character to them. It eventually falls into the typical romantic comedy tropes that you can see coming a mile away, and the ending is SUPER unsatisfying, but the trip there is worth it. 

It’s filthy, funny, charming, cute and actually kinda romantic. - Zach Keast