LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Don’t believe the anti-hype: Dolittle is fine. It's not awful bad, it's just regular bad.

After over two years of development (and reshoots last April) Robert Downey Jr’s Dolittle movie is finally out to give us plenty of animal jokes and fart noises. 

The cast is absolutely filled to the brim with talent, including Tom Holland, Craig Robinson, and even John Cena is a polar bear for some reason. 

Obviously, this movie was intended for kids, and I believe it’ll surely keep them entertained. 

Adults, however, will be perplexed by the bizarre performances and ridiculously absurd humor. 

Dolittle is a live-action cartoon movie with CGI animals, and all of the human performers are clearly in on the joke. 

Michael Sheen is a sight to behold. 

By no means is Dolittle worth the price of admission, but if you have kids who love animals, they’ll enjoy it enough. 

Just don’t expect it to be a Disney movie.

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