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Gremlins 2 is a weird fever dream of sequel satire even 30 years later

Release all the way back in 1990, Gremlins 2 still remains one of the weirdest sequels in modern film history and perhaps the best parody on sequels?

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas — Who else remembers watching the sequel to Gremlins as a young kid absolutely confused what was happening but still somehow ended up loving it more than the original?

Congratulations, you have just earned your Buzzfeed 90s Kid Award Badge.

But seriously, Gremlins 2 is perhaps one of the most bizarre sequels to come out of a major Hollywood studio in recent film history.

In the sequel, Gizmo is taken in by scientists who work in a lab at Clamp Center. As is to be expected in Gremlins movie, he gets water on himself which then creates four other mogwai.

Those mogwai end up turning into gremlins who spawn more gremlins who then drink serums which transforms them into advanced gremlins and things really going off the rails.

From there, the building is terrorized by all kinds of weird gremlins. You end up seeing a lady gremlin, a brain gremlin, a spider gremlin, a goofy-eyed gremlin and then Hulk Hogan shows up halfway through the film after the gremlins break the fourth wall.

Yeah, it's awesome.

But the film goes beyond just lots of gremlins.

Gremlins 2 is a sharp satire on how sequels sometimes can truly lose the soul or intention of the original film that spawned the series.

The most obvious critique is on sequel series like Rambo, but the amount of references to sequel tropes is staggering yet hilarious.

Director Joe Dante also uses the film to comment on the consumerism that was popularized in the 80s and still exists to this day.

If you've never seen this sequel and enjoyed the original Gremlins movie, we suggest you find out the internet somewhere and enjoy a most bizarre adventure.

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