LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — January has finally come to a close!

The movies to start 2020 have been mostly bad with a few good ones mixed in (Bad Boys for Life, thank you for being good). 

That's normal for January, but it seems like all the horrors movies this month have been exceptionally bad.

And this week, we got Gretel & Hansel, another terrible retelling of the classic fairy tale.

In this update, Gretel is older than Hansel (Sophia Lillis and Sam Leakey) when they find themselves in the house of The Witch (Alice Krige).

And we wish could tell you there are new, exciting things presented in this film.

But the new ideas presented ends up being painfully boring.

The film itself though is shot beautifully and the directing by Osgood Perkins, but it just feels like if Terrence Malick wanted to make a boring horror movie.

Hopefully the cinematographer of the film, Galo Olivares, will find better movies as his career progresses because his work here is amazing. Screenshots from this movie will make great wallpapers.

Avoid Gretel & Hansel if you can.

Oh yeah, The Rhythm Section is out this weekend too and it's just as boring.

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