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Greyhound is an American dad movie with Tom Hanks aka 'America's Dad'

Written by and starring Tom Hanks, Greyhound is worth watching if you're a fan of World War II history or war movies.

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas — Greyhound is the movie will you will talk to your dad about next time you see him. 

Written (yes, he writes sometimes) and starring Tom Hanks, we follow him as a commander of an American convoy on it's way across the Atlantic in the beginning of WWII. 

Hanks once again is America's favorite go-to-solid-actor, who conveys his insecurities with every order in his eyes. 

But that's about all we get as far as characterization, the rest of the movie is fast paced nautical terms yelled at soldiers as we're flung back and forth by choppy waves. 

If you've seen the trailers, you shouldn't be worried about the over-usage of CGI. 

It's mainly used to show us quick glimpses of the ships moving, or firing. 

If you're into WWII movies (especially Das Boot) you'll find a lot to love in this quick, barely-90-minute movie. If not, there's nothing for you to SINK your teeth into.

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