At the box office this week, there are several drastically different movies that look to cater to hardcore audiences of comic books, Don Quixote and body swaps!

Hellboy is back for a third film, only this time it's David Harbour from Stranger Things as the red half-demon and this movie has nothing to do with the very well-made originals.

To explain the plot would be impossible because the movie decides to have so many plotlines and side adventures that it's all just a muddled mess. Merlin and King Arthur show up, there's a Blood Queen, Hellboy is the descendant of King Arthur, and there's a race of giants roaming England. So, yeah, to say too much happens is an understatement. It's like you're going through hell...boy.

Harbour as Hellboy is at both times fun and aggravating as the main character, sometimes changing the vocal delivery without reason. 

It's hard to really pinpoint the main problem of the film because there are so many problems. - Michael Buckner


If you’ve seen the trailer for Little, you can already tell where this is going. Just like the title, it’s the opposite of Tom Hanks’ Big

A grown up turns into her younger self and learns how to love again. Unlike Big, this is much more of a comedy, and it’s consistently funny. Marsai Martin (who is now the youngest executive producer in Hollywood history) commands this movie with her confidence, and her chemistry with Issa Rae is great. 

A surprisingly wholesome and cute movie makes this worth spending your time and money until Avengers dominates the box office for the next month. - Zach Keast