There are four movies coming out this weekend, but the only one with a chance to dethrone Endgame is probably Pokemon Detective Pikachu and that's why JD and Zach dediced to watch! Michael sat out in protest until there's a live action Digimon movie.

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Based off of the trading card game and what seems like a dozens of games, Detective Pikachu is a pretty fun time at the movies. 

It follows Tim, who doesn't have a Pokemon of his own, as finds out his estranged father has died in a mysterious accident. While trying to piece together what happened, he discovers a talking Pikachu, who only he can communicate with, and they try to solve the mystery of the father. 

Ryan Reynolds, who is the voice of Pikachu, uses his witty Deadpool persona in a much more family-friendly way. This is a movie that parents will most likely be talked into seeing by their kids, but don't fret, this is actually something most would enjoy. 

Unlike the superhero movies, this doesn't spend time sprinkling in canon and possible spin-offs. It's a straightforward mystery movie, but with Pokemon. - Zach