LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Jexi is a one joke movie that lands like a cell phone on pavement. 

Starring Adam Devine and the voice of Rose Byrne, it follows a writer who makes top-10 lists all day and is obsessed with his phone. 

One day he breaks his phone and has to get a new one, but the catch is it's A.I system is super rude to him. That's the joke. 

It's rude to him at work, then it's rude to him on a date. It's rude to him everywhere, and he finally realizes life is much better without a cell phone...I guess. 

Luckily, all the performances (especially from Michael Pena, who's having a blast) are fun to watch, but in no way is it worth spending $11 on a ticket. 

Stay indoors this weekend or watch Gemini Man or something fun.

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