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Joe Versus the Volcano is just as wild & fun as it was 30 years ago

It's crazy to think that certain movies are turning 30, even films like Joe Versus the Volcano. A movie which catapulted Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks to rom-com fame.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — There are plenty of films over the years that after watching you ask yourself, "Who decided to make this movie?"

Sometimes that question is out of confusion and disgust, but with movies like Joe Versus the Volcano you ask that question because you're glad it exists. Yeah, it's weird and bizarre, but it has all the things that makes movies fun to watch.

Release in March 1990, Tom Hanks plays Joe Banks who finds out he has a brain cloud and is going to die in six months. 

He quits his sad, dead-end job and a wealthy man proposes to him to sacrifice himself by jumping into a volcano so the man can get a mineral off a small island.

Yup, that's the plot of the movie and it gets better.

Meg Ryan actually plays three characters!

It's such a wonderfully bizarre film that captures the best parts of rom-coms and mixes it in with the absurd humor that the late 80s and early 90s was known for.

And this is the film that kickstarted the Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan pairing, which gave us some of the best romantic comedies ever.

If you've never watched it before, you have to finally take the jump and have the time of your life.

And if that doesn't convince you enough, the director also made Doubt, which is on the complete opposite spectrum of why movies are good. While Joe Versus the Volcano is fun and comedic, Doubt is superbly acted and intense!

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