The first month of the year is reserved for the dump heap of movies and this week of films brought its F-game.


Starring Keanu Reeves and Thomas Middleditch, Replicas fails in almost every way possible. The script is bad, the acting is all over the place and the plot is maniacally contrived. But just like Tommy Wiseau's The Room, Replicas turns back around to a fun-yet-awful film featuring a CGI robot so bad that I, Robot looks good in comparison. Let's hope Middleditch is a better scientist in the new Godzilla movie. Boot the sequence, Ed. - Michael Buckner

The Upside

A comedy with a lot of Hart. Literally. The Upside, a remake of the French film The Intouchables, starring Kevin Hart, Bryan Cranston and Nichole Kidman wasn’t as quite as dramatic as the trailer portrayed. Expecting to leave in tears, the comedy-drama leaves you with a few giggles, and a wonderful story of friendship that you’ve seen more than once on the big screen. It's a light-hearted look at the relationship between a rich quadriplegic and his ex-con carer. Touching on more than just that, the film also explores the different areas of today’s America with a series of life lessons about love, race and class. - Hana Williams

A Dog's Way Home

A Dog's Way Home is a very sweet movie that takes some morbid twists. It follows Bella, a pit bull stray that gets rescued, then taken to New Mexico because pit bulls are illegal in Denver (apparently.) She decides she misses her rescuer and finds her way home 400 miles back to Denver, and running into many dogs, humans, and CGI cougars. This movie is clearly made with children in mind, which is why it baffles me that they took a few turns that would make Quentin Tarantino sweat. - Zach Keast