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A cute Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian is taking over the internet

Everyone seems to be watching The Mandalorian on Disney Plus and the internet can't stop talking about how cute Baby Yoda is.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — There are certainly things that happened in the second episode of The Mandalorian that didn't involve "Baby Yoda."

The Mandalorian and Kuiil rebuild a previously scrapped ship, there's a weird rhino-yak hybrid animal and Jawas eat a hairy egg. But no one is talking about that.

We only care about the cute as heck Baby Yoda.

There have been all kinds of reactions on social media. Many have looked to correct everyone that it isn't Baby Yoda, but it's too late.

We as an audience have not been introduced to many Yodas, or whatever the species is called. So, until then, the world has christened this younger creature Baby Yoda and you can't stop it.

Even Werner Herzog, the filmmaker known for long, wonderful diatribes about the intricacies of humanity, was amazed by Baby Yoda. He called not only the puppetry a great achievement, he called Baby Yoda "heartbreakingly beautiful."

And some are even saying that Baby Yoda has unified the Star Wars fanbase, which fractured after literally everyone needed to have a strong opinion about The Last Jedi. Don't worry, you'll read our hot takes about The Last Jedi come December.

Although the emergence of this 50-year-old Baby Yoda is capturing the hearts of all Star Wars, it does open up the mythos of the universe. Is this species just naturally force sensitive? Why is this Baby Yoda sought after by bounty hunters?

Hopefully The Mandalorian can continue to expand on this without losing the magic of sweet, beautiful Baby Yoda.

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