Peter Parker is back after the emotional yet satisfying conclusion to Endgame, but this fun trip to Europe is a bit more than he wanted. And also, Ari Aster returns to deliver a movie so impossibly hard to describe without spoiling that reviewing it is almost pointless, but we're gonna do it anyways!

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Spider-Man: Far From Home

At this point in the Marvel Cinematic Universe there is a formula and you stick to it and for the most part it is successful. But sometimes there will be a twist or turn to take you out of that formula.

In Far From Home, there is no twist or turn if you know the history behind Mysterio, who is played wonderfully by the handsome Jake Gyllenhaal. And that's actually a positive for this movie!

The entrance of Mysterio is a great joy for comic book fans because he is loved for his theatrics and illusions. But fans of only the MCU will enjoy the "twist" of Mysterio's motivations, which is a new take on an old idea.

Then combine that with the emotional weight Peter Parker carries after the sacrificial death of Tony Stark and you got a good comic book stew brewing. This movie is fun and sweet and somber and sets up a great hook for the next few MCU films.


Ari Aster is back to follow-up his bonkers film Hereditary with an even more bonkers film in Midsommar.

On the surface, it's a bunch of Americans visiting this weird Swedish commune and some wild and wacky stuff happens. Like, really wild and really wacky.

But to even begin to explain this movie would be like trying to explain an acid trip to someone who has never been on an acid trip before. Just imagine one long ritual sacrifice and that is kinda Midsommar.

The cinematography is jarring and disorienting much like how the characters feel as they go on this 9-day journey in the Swedish wilderness. And at times that can feel a bit hard to watch, but psychologically you feel the sense of unease that the characters are feeling.

This movie is not going to be for everyone. We will only recommend it to people who love a slow burn movie that is less reliant on jump scares and focuses more on the dread that is lacking in many modern horrors.