LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — After what was one of the more emotional episodes of Survivor, we come back to the game and people are ready to play again.

It's weird picking up and watching Survivor after last week, but at the end of this episode it really feels like a dark cloud is going to hang over the rest of the season.

Tribe Life

The way the edit of the episode presents the tribe life is that, for the most part, everyone has moved on from last episode and Dan's inappropriate touching.

And, as longtime fans, it feels weird coming back from that and we're not sure if the season will recover.

Everyone is back to bagging on Karishma and her work ethic, but when she's out collecting two coconuts she actually finds an idol. Nothing is more dangerous in Survivor, then a perceived goat with an idol. Sugar from Gabon will tell you that.

The tribes make it clear that Karishma and Janet are on the bottom, but it's clear Karishma is being dragged to the end. This leads to Missy making an enemy out of Karishma, even though Missy wants to take her to the end.

If you ever want to have a goat on Survivor, you have to make sure they're happy. So, do the opposite of what Missy did.

Tribal Councils

We get two tribal councils again this week when the tribe is split back into two groups.

Noura is immune in one group and also costs that group peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. That group ends up voting out Aaron because he has made himself a target by winning two immunities in a row.

The other group ends up voting Missy because she upset Karishma, who then spilled the beans on the plan to blindside Tommy to Tommy and Elaine.

Missy and Aaron's boots are disappointing as a fan because they were pretty interesting characters for the show and now we've lost four of the best characters this season.

Our Faves

We stan Janet and no one else at the moment. Maybe Noura, only because she's a trainwreck.

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