LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — There's something wonderful about this season's cast. In just two episodes, they have proven that absolutely no one is playing for second place.

Sure, some people might still be in first gear but after the second tribal council, it's clear every castaway has decided nothing will be conventional about this season.

Island of the Idols

Since this episode wasn't as long as the premiere, the show wasted no time sending Kellee to meet Boston Rob and Sandra.

Kellee, like Elizabeth before her is given an option to compete for an immunity, but this time instead of making fire she has to remember.

Now, that may seem easy, but Rob and Sandra proceed to info dump their entire life stories to Kellee. Her reaction is priceless as she tries to retain as much as possible.

And she actually succeeded! If anyone could do it's definitely Kellee and the best part, she hid her immunity idol inside her hair bun!

Our Faves

Last week was a heavy focus on the Lairo tribe and this week the focus shifted to Vokai.

Now that we've seen both tribes, the trio of Vince, Tom and Elaine are still the front runners, but Lauren, Kellee and Tommy seem to be catching up quickly. And yes, we just realized that there are two Toms this season.

And it's awesome that so far, only women have hidden immunity idols this season. Hopefully Chelsea and Kellee make some big moves!

Other favorites: Missy and Chelsea

Tribal Council

This episode's tribal council was a great little microcosm of Survivor.

Jamal was playing very relaxed, knowing that there were two easy vote out options while people around him scrambled around and got out a perceived threat.

Everyone should know that this game is ALWAYS played pedal to the metal, even when the vote is easy. You can't take a nap or get cocky. Those are two absolute no-nos in Survivor.

Also, sorry Molly, but you had to go. It's amazing that people are still so afraid of Parvati-type players that the smallest hint of Parvati in someone will basically end your game.

She hasn't played for 10 years and people are still afraid of her!

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