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A tribe swap on Survivor: Island of the Idols leads to an uneventful episode

This week's episode was not as exciting as the previous weeks, but we got our first swap and we got some fun challenges and got a clearer picture of who is the goat.

Usually tribe swaps on Survivor often lead to a chaotic tribal council, but this season's tribe swap was pretty uneventful, but we did find out who is going to be the goat of the season.

Hopefully this episode was an anomaly and we'll get back on track next week.

Island of the Idols

No visit with Boston Rob and Sandra this week!

Instead, we get a tribe swaps and while one tribe gets an even split at four Vokai versus four Lairo, the other Lairo members are at a disadvantage.

Tom, Dean and Karishma are down in numbers and it's pretty clear those two dudes are done with Karishma sucking at challenges.

And she didn't really do good in either of this week's challenges, leading New Lairo to Tribal Council.

Tribal Council

Although the edit made it clear any of the old Lairo members could be voted out, the Vokai alliance made the easy choice by voting out.

Tom will be loyal to the original bonds he made with Aaron, Missy and Elaine and if he makes it to merge, you know he will just go back to him.

But it's this easy decision that made this episode a little lackluster.

To learn that Karishma is the goat of the season this early is disappointing. Right now, she is dead in the water. She has no strategy and she is bad at challenges.

And while she has a great backstory, you have to also have a great Survivor story and she just doesn't have that.

Let's hope she can find a way to create some chaos and at least be a fun goat.

Our Faves

Missy continues to turn into an amazing mob boss while Aaron is slowly turning into a more complex character, so they remain high on the list.

Janet is also a fave still. She continues to prove that she is not the old lady archetype of previous season. She is here to play and we're here for it.

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