LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — It will probably be a major storyline for the rest of the pre-merge, but old school vs. new school castaways was a major theme this episode.

But it was the theatrics of tribal and the relationships that will always make Survivor the pinnacle of reality TV.

Also, Tony built a bamboo ladder and it was everything.

Dakal Tribe

The divisions are clear in the Dakal tribe. Yul has a solid four with Sophie, Nick and Wendell. And then Tony, Sandra and Sarah have a Cops-R-Us+1 alliance.

Which leaves Tyson and Kim on the outs of those alliances. Fortunately for Kim, she found one of the two idols found this episode. The problem is that both idols must be shared between two players and Kim chooses to trust Sophie with this knowledge.

It'll be interesting to see how Kim uses this idol as an olive branch to the core alliance of Dakal.

But also though...Tony built a flimsy bamboo ladder to grab breadfruit and it worked!

If Tony can't cause chaos, he's gonna do some wild stuff this season and we're here for it.

Sele Tribe

Boston Rob obviously was broken up about Amber being voted and it seemed to rattle him in the immunity challenge. And that was weird to see. Usually, Boston Rob is the person to go to in tribal challenges and here he dropped the ball.

Sele overall is a mess, but right now they are the more entertaining tribe.

Denise and Adam are sharing an idol, Jeremy can literally walk out of tribal free of charge and Ben is already paranoid.

And then Danni basically blew up the old school alliance because she felt socially slighted by Parvati.

Tribal Council

Speaking of Sele, they went to tribal and oh good gracious is this tribe a mess.

But it's a beautiful mess. Let's bullet point what happened here because it's a lot.

  • Ben tried to expose the old school alliance but got exposed for his own paranoia.
  • Ethan is probably playing up that he is lost in the game, but has strong connections with everyone.
  • Boston Rob literally forced everyone to empty their bags to flush their idols.
  • Denise successfully hiding her idol through sleight of hand!

And then just when you think things are going to get even more wild, the tribe unanimously voted out Danni.

That sucks for Danni, but she painted herself into a bad corner and made herself an easy target.

People are super afraid to come after Boston Rob and Parvati but they have to at some point, right?

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