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New season, who dis? Survivor: Winners at War finally swaps tribes!

Survivor finally swaps the tribes and we get our first glimpse of the weird dynamic between exes Wendell and Michele.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A lot happened this episode. So much happened that we didn't even get Edge of Extinction, but we did get a tribe swap! 

But first and foremost, we just want to share our support for Jonathan Penner and his wife Stacy Title in her fight against ALS.

If you wish to donate, please go to CBS.com/SurvivorALSinfo in the fight against ALS.

New Dakal

On new Dakal we have Jeremy, Sandra, Kim, Denise and Tony.

The only thing you need to know here is that everyone has some sort of advantage except for Tony. Granted, Sandra's immunity idol has expired or will expire soon, but still it's great to see Tony playing without the power of the idol in his pocket.

New Sele

The new tribe is Michele, Wendell, Yul, Nick and Parvati.

While Nick admits his crush on Parvati, the real story here is the awkwardness between Wendell and Michele who previously dated.

What's the funniest part is that Wendell's confessional makes no sense and total sense at the same time. He clearly is a bit off-kilter trying to explain his relationship with Michele, but you can tell there is (or was) something left unsaid between the two.

It'll be interesting to see if the two will repair their relationship or become bitter rivals during the game.

Yara Tribe

The Yara Tribe is Boston Rob, Ben, Adam, Sarah and Sophie.

And those boys are a mess. They've all betrayed each other and yet Boston Rob tries his hardest to implement the buddy system that won him the game on Redemption Island.

It ends up working, but the damage was already done before the tribe got to and lost the immunity challenge.

Tribal Council

Honestly, it was bound to happen at some point. There's no way Boston Rob could ever make it past a tribe swap.

He is too big of a threat while simultaneously being an easy meat shield to dispense of when the opportunity arises.

So long Boston Rob. You did your best with what you have and The Robfather will always be one of the best Survivor players ever.

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