LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas — When I tried to predict what would happen on Island of the Idols I missed the mark by a lot. 

I said Lairo was gonna be better at challenges...they weren't. I said Boston Rob and Sandra were going to be very involved in the strategy of the game...they weren't.

But I have a better track record at predicting returnee seasons, going 7 out of 11 in my Game Changers predictions (depending on how you rate them).

So with the return of some of the best winners of all time, I'm going to try and throw out some wild predictions that hopefully will be mostly right.

Old school players will have the biggest targets

No one is going to let Boston Rob and Amber to the end. That's a fact.

But it would be stupid to underestimate players like Yul, Ethan and Danni, who played very strong social games.

In modern Survivor, that's actually a very viable way to win. In fact, it's how Wendell won.

So, if the new school players are smart they will eliminate these social castaways early and often.

But also, please don't do that. Ethan is one of my favorite players ever.

Tyson will stir the pot

In Tyson's winning season, his comedic digs took backseat for creating a tight-knit alliance that got him all the way to the end.

Now that he has secured the bag, he is free to play how he wants.

And judging from his pre-game interviews, Tyson is going to be stirring up the drama similar to his Tocantins gameplay.

It'll be fun to have the old Tyson back.

Tony and Sandra Part 2

The first time Tony and Sandra met in Game Changers, the plan was concocted to form a big threats alliance with Malcolm. 

On paper, it made sense but Tony pulled a Tony and got voted out.

The two are on the same tribe again this time, so they have to forget the past and work together or else they are both eliminated early.

Fire tokens won't change the game too much

Although the idea behind fire tokens sounds convoluted, the actual gameplay will not be harmed by this twist.

It may help forge relationships between those in the game and those on Extinction Island, but overall it won't impact what makes Survivor great.

Sarah's the most dangerous player

After watching her gameplay in Game Changers, it's clear Sarah is the most dangerous player.

She has the ability to remain under the radar while having played a very strong game. It's a combination that can prove damaging later in the game.

Same can be said for Michele, who is probably the most under the radar player this season (and Danni too).

If players are smart, Sarah should be an early boot, even over powerhouses like Boston Rob and Sandra.

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