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The first heartbreaking blindside is made in Survivor: Winners at War

The season's first blindside happened and we also got Sarah going undercover to retrieve an advantage.

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas — You hate to see it sometimes.

Blindsides are a double-edged sword in Survivor returnee seasons. Either you are getting one of the greatest moves of all time or one of your faves is getting booted before you were ready to say goodbye.

And this episode we got the latter and everyone collectively cried.

Dakal Tribe

We don't see much of the Dakal tribe this episode, but what we do see is just pure comedic relief and setting up the stage for later.

It is made clear that Tyson is trying to make the case, actually any case on why he should be kept on the tribe. And what that means is going after the queen Sandra.

Unfortunately for Tyson, Sandra is likable and diabolical. Unfortunately for Sandra, so is Tyson.

We also see Sarah get an offer from Natalie at Edge of Extinction (which is still a bad twist) to gain a vote steal advantage. But the trick is that she has sneak into the Sele camp and find the item in one of the torches.

Of course, Cops-R-Us being the dumb idiots we love ends up with Tony rubbing ash all over Sarah's face as if that's going to help any.

Sele Tribe

Over on the blue tribe, we have Adam just itching to make a move on the trio of Parvati, Boston Rob and Ethan.

We also see once again everyone talking about how big of a threat Boston Rob is. And Boston Rob knows this and he still plays "The Godfather" strategy and it's working!

Sele loses the immunity challenge again and we are again met with another standoff with the group until all hell breaks loose.

Adam tells Rob the plan to vote out Parvati, Rob tells others that he knows and then by the end of it we find out it's either gonna be Parvati or Adam.

But what other players don't know is that Jeremy and Michele are the swing votes and they make a heartbreaking blindside.

Tribal Council

And they vote off Ethan, one of the most likable and trustworthy players to ever exist in Survivor history.

While it is heartbreaking, you have to give credit to Jeremy and Michele for leading that vote and making their own move.

They, along with Denise and Ben, decided to weaken Boston Rob by removing one of his closest allies while also showing Adam that he was playing too hard and too quickly.

But, once again, Parvati and Boston Rob survive another vote!

Truly a season that so far has been unpredictable and we are loving it.

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