LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas — The Gentleman offers nothing new for fans of Guy Ritchie, but that’s not a bad thing. 

After making the surprisingly solid Aladdin last year, Ritchie is back to his bread and butter: fast talking, witty British gangsters making horrible/hilarious decisions that eventually work out in their favor. 

The Gentleman is basically de-caffeinated Snatch. 

It’s much tamer than his last movies in this genre, with the whole movie revolving around one conversation. 

The cast is stacked, and everyone is having an absolute blast. Colin Farrell and Hugh Grant absolutely steal the show, with Charlie Hunnam a playing cool and collective bodyguard, Matthew McConaughey as his suave self (until he explodes in rage) and Henry Golding as an intimidating buyer. 

And before you get your hopes up, Colin Farrell is barely in this movie. But he is amazing whenever he is on screen and it's the best.

This movie is all over the place, and sometimes dives into “what-ifs” which may turn some people off, but if you’ve seen Guy Ritchie movies before, you know it’s mainly style over substance. 

Most of Ritchie's filmography is prioritizing fun characters and moments over plots that make sense. And sometimes that's all you need in a movie.

Go see this movie if you need more entertaining gangsters in your life. And if you watch a sad gangster movie, go watch The Irishman for three hours.

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