The Grinch has returned once again in time for Christmas and the Scorpio season and he's just as cranky and moody as he was before.

Starring Benedict Cumberbatch, The Grinch returns thanks to the animation team at Illumination Entertainment and everything is basically the same for our lovable grump. He still hates Christmas and his dog Max is his trusty cohort.

Although there is a backstory for his curmudgeon ways, the film plays the same as the other two screen adaptations. Grinch is set in his ways but he's quirky and fun to watch. While not as memorable as the original television special, this version will appeal to a newer, younger audience.

It seems like each generation now has their own Grinch. Many people grew up with the Chuck Jones classic and then along came the Jim Carrey's manic Grinch and now we have Cumberbatch's new take on the character.

This is truly a family film and your kids are bound to love it.

Also in theaters is Overlord, which is on the opposite spectrum of films.

It is part war movie, part B-movie and all around fun. It has a similar formula to Robert Rodriguez's From Dusk Till Dawn.

It starts with one genre, then suddenly pulls a 180 and becomes a completely different movie.

It begins the day before D-Day in 1944 following a group of paratroopers who make their way into France. Their mission is to destroy a radio tower hidden inside a church, but what they don't know is this church is also a Nazi science facility.

This is a movie you need to see with friends, and in a crowded theater, because once the bullets fly, it's a nonstop blast.