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The King of Staten Island is the wholesome Pete Davidson movie we needed in 2020

Judd Apatow is back with another dramedy that shows that there's more to Pete Davidson's acting than just his stand-up routine.

LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas — The King Of Staten Island is a wonderful, if way too long, story of a young man finding his self-worth. 

Directed by Judd Apatow (The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up) and co-written with it's star, Pete Davidson, we follow Scott, who has nowhere to go and just wants to tattoo people. 

Partially based on Pete's own life if he didn't succeed at comedy, Scott is completely aimless with big dreams but with no ambition to make it come true. 

His father, who was a firefighter, died while saving people's lives (Pete's real father died on 9/11) and his mother is concerned she is letting him waste his life. 

This movie, much like Apatow's previous films, are more focused on the drama and character arcs. They just happen to star very, very funny people. 

Pete Davidson shines, Marisa Tomei is hilarious as his mother, and Bill Burr almost steals the show as his mother's boyfriend, who also happens to be a firefighter. 

The King of Staten Island isn't a game changer, nor is it forgettable. It's a well told story, but it feels its length which is nearly 2 and a half hours long. 

Much like Scott, it's aimless occasionally. But the performances and storytelling are well worth your time, and watching Scott grow up is still a good time at the movies...in your living room.

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