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Baby Yoda continues to deliver the memes in The Mandalorian

We're convinced that Disney has invented time travel just to cash in on the success of Baby Yoda.
Credit: Disney

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Disney has created time travel. You can't tell us any different.

And if you can, please explain how Baby Yoda continues to deliver perfect meme moments week in and week out.

The best part of watching The Mandalorian is waiting for what Baby Yoda will do each week.

And you know what, it's amazing.

In this show that is a full on samurai-western-scifi, the best part is just a young being eating frogs and sipping soup.

This week, Mando lands on a sparsely populated planet for a standalone episode that barely advances the plot as he and Cara Dune (Gina Carano) help some farmers fight off an AT-ST and a group of raiders.

And while the episode doesn't have much plot, we do find out more lore behind the Mandalorian religion and what happens if someone sees him with his helmet off.

It's a very great episode because it gives us an idea of why Mando is the way he is. The Mandalorians saved him as a child and he feels indebted to the group. And so while he gets a brief potential love interest and promises of an easier life, Mando chooses to continue on his path protecting Baby Yoda.

Weirdly enough, our two main characters of the series don't have a lot of facial expressions but manage to convey a lot of emotions with so little. It's the small details that make this show great.

But we do wonder where the series is going and hopefully the next four episodes will let us know!

All you need to know right now is that Baby Yoda is here to sip some soup as you fight for seemingly no reason.

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