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The Queen is no longer queen after insane blindside on Survivor: Winners at War

Each vote off hurts you as a fan, but Winners at War has provided some of the most entertaining pre-merge tribal councils in Survivor history!

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — This week on Survivor brought us not only some fun times on Extinction Island, but we got two tribal councils that probably are the start to the endgame of this season.

Edge of Extinction

We thought we were going to see the triumphant return of Romber (Boston Rob & Amber), but instead we got the Tyson show. And we're here for it honestly.

He ends up finding an idol nullifier, which his trades to Parvati for one token.

But the way Tyson goes about playing Survivor is such good television, that you can just smile at his sarcastic and quippy demeanor.

Sele Tribal Coucil

On paper, this tribal ends up with Parvati being voted out and that's what happens.

But the theatrics at tribal are much more interesting than that appears.

Throughout the whole episode we see Wendell basically trying to strong arm his way into getting what he wants with Michele and Parvati.

It doesn't come across as a very good social game, which is opposite from how Wendell played on Ghost Island. If his trio (Wendell, Nick, Yul) make it to the end, we wouldn't be surprised to see him as the punching bag in final tribal.

Dakal Tribal Council

And while the Sele tribal had plenty of drama, Dakal was full of subterfuge and backstabbing and we loved it.

Before going into tribal, a few things were known to us. The perceived threats wanted to work together and Sandra was trying to work with Denise on the down low. We learn that Sandra is willing to trade her immunity idol for two fire tokens with Denise, but Denise wants to do a one token before and one after tribal as a sign of trust.

And during tribal, it seemed like the "threats" were all on the same page and they were, but it was where Sandra's trust in Denise backfired and we got perhaps the best blindside in Survivor history.

Denise knew that Sandra had complete faith in her and used it to her advantage and played Sandra's idol against her to vote her out!

Not only that, she played another idol to save Jeremy and regain his trust after he had decided to cut ties with her.

Such a gutsy move that couldn't have worked out any better for the new queen, Denise.

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