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Tribal council's a complete mess on Survivor: Winners at War

The loved ones visit on Survivor will make you cry and then the tribal council will have you scratching your head a bit.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Survivor: Winners at War has been leading up to this moment in the show.

No, not the emotional and amazing family reunions.

We're talking about figuring out which alliance is going to fight their way to the top. But the funny thing about tribal is that it's a complete mess and now we're unsure if that alliance will make it to the end!

Getting back to the loved ones visit real quick. It was great to see the castaways full families come out to visit, especially watching Jeremy and his family hug it out.

It may seem dramatic to us at home, but that raw emotion from Sophie, Kim, Tyson, Tony and everyone else is just proof that this game is real and can be a battle in your mind as much as it's about the physical challenge.

Now, back to this crazy tribal council.

Going in it's either gonna be Jeremy or Sophie. Tony wants to blindside Jeremy and Jeremy wants to break up Sarah and Sophie.

Both logical, smart moves for everyone involved.

The problem is that it turns into another whisper fest. And Jeremy is watching this and is like, "I'm out!" He plays his advantage where he can leave without being voted out or casting a vote.

That then leads to a clear five-person alliance of Sophie, Sarah, Ben, Nick and Tony deciding who should go home. Add on top of that Sarah steals Denise's vote.

And then add on top of that Kim plays her idol for Denise.

A lot happened and yet, Tyson got voted out for the second time this season.

In some ways, the tribal council felt rushed because of how much time was spent with the families. But either way, it's still one of the more mind boggling tribals that could have gone any which way.

Unfortunately for Tyson, it did not go his way.

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