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Trolls World Tour is like mixing pixie dust with Mt. Dew

The animated sequel takes what it thought you liked about the original Trolls movie and cranks it to 11.

Kids movies are hard to review. 

On one hand, they’re not really made for the average moviegoer. On the other, adults are seeing them and they deserve to know what they’re getting into.

The Trolls Franchise is a weird one.

The first movie took the popular toys, origin story, mixed in some pop songs and added a few catchy, original music.

Trolls World Tour takes that concept and cracks the popular music to 11.

In the sequel, the Troll world is threatened by a Rock ‘n Roll Troll named Barb. Poppy and her friends must unite with different groups of music Trolls to save what makes them special.

This time around, audiences are hit with Troll version pop, rock, country and funk hits. Unfortunately, they add almost nothing to the story.

As far as kids movies go, it’s not terrible. If your child enjoyed the first one, they’ll like this one.

Adults are a different story.

To them, this will be a trippy, head-inducing sugar rush that will likely leave them scratching their heads.

The most interesting part about it isn't even the movie, it's how it was released. 

As the world waits to reopen, studios are releasing their movies digitally and, weirdly, Trolls World Tour is the first one to totally skip its theatrical release. 

It sets an interesting precedent that will likely continue to have an impact on the industry even after life returns to normal.

Trolls World Tour is like candy. Sure, it’s fun and enjoyable, but there’s no nutrients. There are better balanced meals out there that offer something for everyone. 

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