For the last several years, there’s been a wave of backlash against a man and his mission to be with his family on Christmas.

Most would call those people “grinches” or “scrooges,” but the best thing to call them is a group of “Hans Grubers.”

In case you’ve just woken up from a 30 year nap, Die Hard tells the story of John McClane, a cop who has to take down a group of criminals who have taken over his wife’s company holiday party. McClane uses his wit and humor to stop Hans Gruber and his men from ruining Christmas.

It sounds simple and not like a Christmas movie at all, but think again.

It’s more than an action movie, it’s a story about family and redemption.

McClane, as well as his guardian angel on the outside Sgt. Al Powell, are broken men. They’ve lost what makes them whole. For McClane it’s his family, and for Powell it’s his job. By the end of the movie, both have been restored and given a second chance.

And isn’t Christmas about new beginnings?

There’s also the holiday setting and the soundtrack. The movie even ends with money falling around the building, making it look like snow.

Christmas movies can be more than stories of Santa, elves, gifts and holiday magic, just look at Home Alone, Love, Actually and It’s a Wonderful Life. Why is it so difficult to put Die Hard on that list?