There are some movies that can capture the hearts of millions, but those movies can also be overrated and people forgive its problems because of nostalgia or a certain connection to the movie.

That's why we picked these three movies as the most overrated!


In 2009, James Cameron released Avatar, his first movie since breaking the box office with Titanic. Avatar eventually made $2.8 billion, nearly $600,000 more than Titanic. 

Why? That's not a rhetorical question, I'm seriously wondering why the entire world decided *this* was the movie that we would see 5 times in a row. 

At the time, it was revolutionary in it's special effects, sure. And James Cameron's name is enough for people to head to the theaters, but to be the all-time highest grossing movie of all time (not adjusting for inflation) is insane. Look at the top 10 highest grossing films. Furious 7, Avengers, Avengers, Avengers, Jurassic Park. All of these movies I hear being discussed almost weekly. But Avatar? Crickets. - Zach Keast

Dances with Wolves

Kevin Costner has directed three films and two of those are both overrated and garbage. Dances With Wolves not only is bloated at three hours, but it uses the awful "white savior" trope that just needs to end.

Costner does have some great films under his belt (Fields of Dreams, Open Range, No Way Out), but nothing will ever be as overrated as Dance With Wolves. - Michael Buckner

Forrest Gump

JD doesn't like Forrest Gump and while we may not necessarily agree, sometimes it's just better to let people talk it out. 

He claims it puts a smiley face on history and the character of Forrest Gump is so much of a blank slate that he can't connect with the emotion of his journey.

Maybe he just needs some ice cream in bed?