We know it's hard to find another show after you've binged The Office for the 96th time, but we've decided to save you some time and have picked out four shows that you need to watch on Netflix.


Originally released on the Lifetime Network, You was seen by virtually no one but once Netflix scooped up this psychological thriller show people flocked to it in droves. According to a shareholder letter, Netflix is reporting that 40 million households have watched the secret hit series You.

Starring Penn Badgley as Joe, the show focuses on the bookstore manager's unhealthy obsession with Elizabeth Lail's Guinevere. The show makes sure to expose Joe as this big ole social media stalking creep, but at times it tries to explain his decisions.

That makes for a fun yet creepy watch and it makes sense why it has been binge-watched by 40 million people. - Lauren Johnston


The great thing about Maniac is that it fully embraces the whacky while dealing with very real mental anguish that everyone can relate to. Directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga and starring Jonah Hill and Emma Stone, the series follows two people who join a highly experimental pharmaceutical program.

Soon enough things go haywire and Hill and Stone's characters somehow become connected in this weird reality-like dream state, bouncing between different personalities and aspects that mirror real life.

But the best part has to be Justin Theroux as this quirky scientist who is vexed by his famous mother (played by Sally Field) and his inability to solve the program's problems. - Michael Buckner


Mark my words: Roma will win best picture and best director at this year's Academy Awards. Directed, written, produced, shot, and edited by Alfonso Cuaron, (Gravity & Children of Men) he tells a semi-autobiographical story about a young maid in Mexico who soon learns she is pregnant. 

On paper, it sounds incredibly dull, and it might be for some people. Story and dialogue-wise, not a lot happens. But Cuaron fills so much backstory and emotion in every frame without a lot of talking. 

You can use every adjective you can think of and use it in this movie, it's that good. Now having said that, it's a very hard watch. I won't be sprinting back to this movie on Netflix any time soon, I don't want to go through all those emotions in a two hour span again. - Zach Keast


Whether it’s creating binge-worth content, reviving cancelled shows or making a “choose your own adventure” movie, Netflix is always looking to give people a new viewing experience. One that’s kind of flown under the radar is it’s push to bring Broadway to your living room, but it’s the one that really gives users something they may never get to experience.

Springsteen on Broadway is the perfect example of this idea. Tickets to the Boss’s one man show were hundreds of dollars. Tickets to his concerts are a little cheaper, but probably not much. But now people get a little of both from the comfort of their homes.

There’s nothing revolutionary about the show, but there’s something about the rock n’ roll legend that sucks you in and doesn’t let go. Springsteen takes the audience on a journey through his life and career with the help of songs that people know and love. It’s the Boss at his most honest and most emotional. Springsteen on Broadway is a must watch for everyone who loves rock n’ roll and anyone who feels they born to run.

- JD Roberts