LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — We know you won't ever get tired of binge watching some of your favorites like The Office or Friends or Parks & Rec or Seinfeld, but we've picked all wildly different shows to give you a little break.

Plus, you're gonna need some more shows to watch while we are all stuck at home for the next month or two.

The West Wing

On the surface, The West Wing does not seem like a binge-worthy show.

The NBC political drama about the President’s senior staff is filled with people in suits talking about policy, writing speeches and debating the ethics of being a world leader. But it’s the characters, the writing and the moving moments that make it a great show.

The cast is phenomenal. Martin Sheen, Rob Lowe, Allison Janney, Bradley Whitford, Richard Schiff, the list goes on and on.

But Aaron Sorkin, who created and wrote for the show for several seasons, is the real star. He’s able to take these characters and make them seem larger than life but still feel like real people.

The best shows to binge aren’t the ones filled with tension and cliffhangers. Those are great. But great binge-worthy shows are more than that. They’re stories filled with characters you want to know and moments that stick with you, and that’s why The West Wing has my vote. - JD Roberts

Living Single

Living Single was Friends before Friends came along and it deserves its due justice.

Starring Queen Latifah, Living Single follows six friends in New York in a sitcom environment. Like we said, it was Friends!

But unlike Friends, Living Single feels about as 90s as it possibly could be in the best way. If you grew up in the 90s either as a kid, teen or adult you will absolutely be hit with nostalgia.

The fashion is iconic, the acting is great and dare we's better than Friends!

All five seasons can be found on Hulu. - Michael Buckner


Love is a super realistic show about dating, co-written and sometimes directed by Judd Apatow. Paul Rust wrote it about his relationship with his wife, apparently. 

It follows Gus who is an aspiring writer/helpless romantic who literally bumps into Micky, who works at a radio station, and they fall in love. It’s that simple. 

This is a mega-easy watch, you can watch the entire series in a day. Each episode is around 25 minutes, they range from hilarious gross-out humor, to shockingly romantic and cute, to heartbreaking and depressing and pure cringe. It deals with mental health, drug abuse, and all of the ups and especially downs of relationships. 

The great aspect of this show is nearly all of the characters are likable and despicable at the same time. Just like real people. They’re not perfect. And neither are their relationships. 

The entire series can be found on Netflix. - Zach Keast

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