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Blanchard Springs Caverns is home to one of the most glorious cave systems in the U.S.

The Discover Arkansas team made the trip to check out Blanchard Springs Caverns.

STONE COUNTY, Ark. — Stone County, Ark. is home to one of the, if not the most glorious cave systems in the United States. The Discover Arkansas team made the trip to check out Blanchard Springs Caverns.

The trip through Stone County has one thinking they might be in another country. The mountains and curvy roads were a sight to behold. Once at the caverns, the team met with US Forest Service members, Trey and Aaron, who serve as tour guides to thousands of guests, year-round.

Visitors will have the opportunity to embark upon a couple of tours. The first is a guided tour through one of the most majestic “rooms” of anywhere. The commercial tour takes place on a concrete walkway, with no steps throughout the entire exhibit. Guests are permitted to use wheelchairs and strollers, but be warned: the walk is by no means flat, so bring your muscles if pushing a wheelchair or stroller. It could be a good workout!

Giant features are viewed during the tour, with amazing echos and acoustics. Such good acoustics lends itself to making this location an occasional concert venue. Seats and lighting have been strategically placed for guests to enjoy the venue.

The team wanted to do a little “extra,” so they embarked on a adventure on the “wild cave tour.” This tour allows spelunkers to travel off the beaten path to unpaved, uneven treacherous routes. 

Never fear...Trey and Aaron were super amazing guides throughout the entire adventure. Staff is able to customize the wild tour to make it shorter or longer, based on availability and desire. Special suits are provided to protect your clothes, as you will most likely be on the ground several times throughout the tour.

This location is an adventure of epic proportions. If you plan on partaking in the wild cave tour, be sure to wear quality hiking shoes or boots and give yourself a couple of hours for the entire process.

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