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Cedar Falls Trail features a majestic waterfall that is 95 feet tall!

The Discover Arkansas Team set out to conquer the Cedar Falls Trail.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Petit Jean State Park is a familiar Discover Arkansas destination. Trails, caves, and all sorts of fun activities await visitors at Petit Jean. 

The Discover Arkansas Team set out to conquer the Cedar Falls Trail. Friends of Discover Arkansas, Scott and Emily McClenahan were able to join on this epic adventure.

Mather Lodge serves as a beautiful destination for stunning views and happens to be the location of the trail head for Cedar Falls Trail. Visitors can expect a 2-mile round trip on a moderate to strenuous trail, leading down the Cedar Creek Canyon. The views during the hike are breathtaking, in more ways than one. The hard work is certainly worth the effort once you make your way to the 95 foot waterfall, where visitors from around the globe gather regularly.

Once at the waterfall, there are plenty of areas for the most glorious photographs in all Arkansas. Feeling frisky? Take a journey behind the falls, unless the water is flowing too heavily, as it was during our recent trip. 

Caution: this area can be slippery and trip/fall hazards are ever present. You've been warned.

The hike back to the top will challenge your leg strength and stamina for sure. It is recommended to wear quality shoes and take along water. Speaking of water, Adam Bledsoe highly recommends taking the trip after a good rain. Waterfalls throughout the state are certainly better during late winter and early spring during the more wet season.

After the hike, enjoy a beautiful lunch at Mather Lodge, where you enjoy breathtaking views and enjoy quality cuisine. 

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