JACKSON COUNTY, Ark — After many recommendations, the Discover Arkansas team traveled to Jackson County to visit the well preserved Jacksonport State Park.  

Jacksonport was a thriving community in the mid to late 1800s due to steamboat traffic on the White River. Jacksonport is located where the Black and White river converge, which allowed shipped goods to be delivered at the old port. 

Jacksonport was also an important site during the Civil War. 

The Jacksonport State Park recently opened a new visitor’s center to include a museum.  A campground sits quaintly on the bank of the White River, providing modern RV amenities.  

Visitors will enjoy the large grove of huge, old trees, which happens to be a popular destination in the fall to gather pecans.

Need a great location for a wedding reception, birthday party, family reunion, or maybe a civic club meeting? The visitors center offers a beautiful conference room for whatever activity, and the view is killer.

The team particularly enjoyed the tour of the courthouse museum.  

The Jackson County seat once located in Jacksonport was moved to nearby Newport, leaving a beautiful old courthouse.  

Local residents and organizations cringed at the thought of tearing the old courthouse down, so it was preserved for visitors’ pleasure. 

Whether it’s the draw for historic purposes, or you simply want a great place to visit as a family, Jacksonport State Park will not disappoint.