DES ARC, Ark. — Discover Arkansas is known to travel all across the state looking for hidden gems and marvelous destinations to check out. Not all destinations are hiking adventures or huge locations. 

The Discover Arkansas team traveled to Prairie County, to the great town of Des Arc to discover the smallest of all Arkansas state parks, Lower White River Museum State Park.

Visitors will be greeted by friendly park staff who are able to guide you through of tour. The Lower White River Museum is dedicated to showcasing the historical importance of what the White River meant to the town of Des Arc, and the outlying citizens of the 1860’s.

This museum serves as an interesting follow-up from the recent Discover Arkansas episode filmed at Jacksonport State Park, which was heavily reliant upon the White River for trade and transportation.

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In addition to static displays of history, visitors are able to enjoy a work space used for research, to include a valuable microfilm station. Local residents have also donated old family cookbooks and historical pieces to help tell the story of the Lower White River area.

A pioneer style homestead sits adjacent to the museum, owned by Prairie County, but can be viewed by checking in with the State Park staff.

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