LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas — Mariel and Adam were given full access to the 1836 Club in Little Rock. Thousands of people drive by and wonder what it's inside this old home. We've been waiting to discover it! 

The 1836 Club is housed in a 150-year-old building which has been many things in the past, to include a single family dwelling, an apartment and a restaurant.

The 1836 Club was named after the year that Arkansas became a state as well as the numbers on the runway at the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport.

The original house was built by Senator Alexander McDonald in 1869. The home was placed on the National Historic Registry in 1978.

The current owners of the club spent several months remodeling what was most recently the Packet House. The building has been transformed into a warm, welcoming setting with dim lighting, classy wood trim, almost the feel of an old wood sail yacht. The three story building has many rooms designed for specific uses. 

Several dining areas and sitting rooms were sprinkled throughout the vast club. The ‘Pilot’s Lounge’ is a bar area designed by the founding members who were aviation enthusiasts. Most notable is the bar that was built using a portion of the outside skin of a Southwest Airlines airplane, and the bar top was a model of a runway.

The cigar smoking lounge was filled with warm leather sofas and comfortable chairs for a nice place to relax with a drink and a cigar from the humidor. There was no lingering scent from cigar smoke as the room has incredible ventilation.

The 1836 Club invites anyone and everyone to join the club. It is a place for members and their guests to relax in a comfortable, private setting. Click here for more information.

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