HOT SPRINGS, Ark. — The Discover Arkansas team made their way to Hot Springs to check out the Falls Branch Trail at Lake Catherine State Park. We heard this particular trail is one of the most popular trails in Arkansas. After checking it out, we know why.

The team was joined by 3-year-old Madden, son of Vine Producer Michelle Edmonds. Madden led the way with all his energy and cuteness. The Falls Branch Trail takes you from the campground through the woods and leads you past the Falls Creek Falls. 

The windy trail is fairly easy to negotiate. It's two miles in length and takes approximately one and a half to two hours to complete. However, that time may be extended if you decide to jump in the swimming hole where the falls pools.

Mariel had a new best friend since she was brave enough to hang out with Madden in cool water. No really, the water was chilly, even on a very warm day. There were plenty of people hanging out, taking in the beautiful sights. Some were brave enough to jump all in, while others dipped their big toes.

Park Superintendent Cheryl Vincent was the tour guide, and took great care of Adam, Mariel, Theba and Madden. Cheryl said the Falls Branch Trail is a heavy traveled trail, with visitors from all over the country. Cheryl was proud to highlight all the amenities Lake Catherine State Park had to offer, from a marina to include boat rentals, all the trails and the legendary campground to name a few.

Madden was awesome. He gave Lake Catherine State Park and the Falls Branch Trail two thumbs up. Adam and Mariel concur. Get out there and DISCOVER ARKANSAS!