POTTSVILLE, Ark. — The Discover Arkansas team took a trip along Interstate 40 to Pottsville, Arkansas! This small town has a hidden gem that has been around since the 1850s.

The Potts Inn, as it is now known, is a former stagecoach. This was the largest stagecoach between Fort Smith and Little Rock. The home was used as a Post Office, way station, a center for community gatherings, and it was the Pott’s family home.

The historic home was built by Kirkbride Potts after he came to Arkansas from Pennsylvania.

When you step in, you are immediately taken back to 1800s Arkansas. The home is well preserved and decorated for the correct era. 

True to its time frame, the home does not have electricity, but the way it was built makes it very comfortable inside even on the hot, muggy days! 

The home has a large entryway that served as the mailroom. Two large living rooms, one for men and one for the ladies. The men’s living space was often used to political meetings. The ladies’ living space was often used for special ceremonies and occasions. A large dining area and the master bedroom finishes the downstairs. 

The home also has a total of five bedrooms. Afterall, Kirkbride and his wife, Pamilia, did have eleven children! 

The home had a separate building for the kitchen space and an outdoor well and laundry room.

The Potts Inn is on the National Register of Historic Places as of 1970. It holds an incredible amount of Arkansan history and truly a place to escape present day.

The Potts Inn Museum is open for tours Wednesday-Saturdays from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Small admission fee is required to keep up with the maintenance of the home.