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Rattlesnake Ridge has become a very popular destination for mountain bike enthusiasts

One of the most iconic landmarks in Little Rock is Pinnacle Mountain, but have you heard of Rattlesnake Ridge?

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — One of the most iconic landmarks in Little Rock is Pinnacle Mountain, but have you heard of Rattlesnake Ridge?  Though this ridge has been in existence for lots of years, public access is fairly new.  

The Discover Arkansas team, and friends Scott and Emily McClenahen, make the short drive to Pinnacle Mountain State Park to learn more about these two outdoor adventures.

Pinnacle Mountain State Park’s Assistant Superintendent Cale Davenport met with the discovery team to lend guidance and information during the adventure. After meeting at the beautiful visitor’s center, the team made their way to Rattlesnake Ridge to explore the new destination.  

Rattlesnake Ridge offers plenty of trails to enjoy. Arkansas has become a very popular destination for mountain bike enthusiasts. Add this to the list of places to be able to enjoy as a mountain biking paradise. However, not all trails are mountain bike trails — foot traffic only.

One of the interesting things about Rattlesnake Ridge is the parking situation. Organizers created a fairly small parking lot, on purpose. Because this location is fairly close to Pinnacle, many adventure goers may be interested to tackle both locations on the same day. 

Though Rattlesnake Ridge is not an Arkansas State Park, Davenport discussed the object of the small parking lot is to limit the number of visitors at one time. The saying, “use, not abuse” came up during this discussion. Signage requests if the parking lot is full to visit at a later time. Nevertheless, there were breathtaking views and plenty of trails to get that hike or ride in.

The Discover Arkansas team wanted to maximize their day by making the short drive to Pinnacle Mountain to discover the hype. Neither Adam or Emily had been to the top of Pinnacle, so this truly was a discovery for them both. 

Davenport mentioned on pretty weekends or holidays, the trail and summit of Pinnacle will be very busy with visitors from all around the country and world. The trail is certainly not for the faint of heart and one should plan on 45 minutes to an hour to hike to the top. 

Davenport noted the trails are well marked for the safest and preferred way to the top. He showed examples of how hikers often deviate from the marked trails, which causes erosion and wear to the natural habitat.  

Another issue to consider is pets are welcome to join on the hike, but leashes are required. Volunteers and State Park employees have placed several benches along the way, so have a seat and enjoy the million dollar views.

Any hike should include careful planning to ensure a safe and fun hike.  Be sure to wear proper foot-wear, hydrate yourself prior to and during the hike, and understand, most times bathroom facilities are unavailable while out and about in nature.  

With proper planning and taking your time, Rattlesnake Ridge and Pinnacle State Park adventures are worth discovering!  A special thanks to Scott, Emily, and Cale for helping Adam continue to live the dream! 

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