The Discover Arkansas traveled close to the THV11 studios to the Heifer International campus in Little Rock, located steps away from the Bill Clinton Presidential Library.

Mariel and Adam learned about the history of Heifer International and how it came about. 

Seventy-five years ago, Dan West was commissioned with providing powdered milk to those in need after the Spanish Civil War, when he realized the powdered milk didn't have the longest shelf life. It was determined instead of providing powdered milk, volunteers could provide a cow instead, hence the name Heifer International.

The idea was surrounded by the parable 'feed a man a fish, you feed him for a day...teach a man to catch a fish, feed him for a lifetime.'

The Heifer International campus has a beautiful, modern interactive learning center for both kids and adults to learn about how important and impactful this service is to the world. 

After spending time learning the history and checking out the beautiful facilities, the team headed to the Heifer Urban Farm, which is a location set aside for organic gardening, to include vegetables, flowers, fruits, and herbs. 

The farm is home to many honey bee hives, which encourage the healthy development of the vegetation on campus. The honey is harvested and sold in a variety of applications in the gift shop.

Mariel and Adam had the chance to interact with the goats, alpacas, and the very bossy turkey, who assigned himself as the big bird on campus.

There are so many educational opportunities for those wanting to know more about farming, and helping supply needs for those who are less fortunate. The Heifer International Campus is a wonderful destination for youth groups, family groups, or school groups to visit. 

The gift shop is a wonderful place to stop to pick up some goat milk soap or any of the other gifts to take to a loved one. 

Do you know someone who has everything they need, and more? Why not buy them a goat? There are several different species of animals one can purchase to be donated to villages throughout the world.

Get out and discover Heifer International, and go discover Arkansas!