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We try to predict what will happen on Survivor: Island of the Idols

Although Survivor: Island of the Idols features brand new players, contestants will able to talk to Boston Rob & Sandra, two of the most successful players.

The 39th season of Survivor is set to premiere on September 25 and what better way to kick off the hype than a bunch of predictions that probably won't come true.

If you want a look at my prediction skills, check out my predictions for Game Changers where I claimed JT will redeem his Heroes vs. Villains mistake. That turned out well, didn't it?

I'm gonna break it down into four sections: Jeff Probst, Boston Rob & Sandra and the two tribes.

Credit: CBS

Jeff Probst

Not much has changed about Jeff Probst in 19 years. He's got wonderful quips and can narrate a challenge like none other. But now he's got Boston Rob back and this dude loves him some Boston Rob.

You can absolutely expect Probst to shoehorn a Boston Rob-ism at tribal council.

In the pre-season for this season, Probst seems to be tackling the criticism from fans that he doesn't care about women castaways. He said this season has "the most powerful group of women" the show has ever had.

It will interesting to see how the game play unfolds, but Sandra, Parvarti and Natalie have proven there have been and always will be powerful women on the show.

Credit: CBS

Boston Rob & Sandra

Although the two aren't playing, I think both will influence the game in some manner.

Sandra is known for stirring the pot, even when she doesn't even need to stir it (eating all the sugar to cause drama between JT and Michaela comes to mind). 

I expect her to leverage an awful first impression to spread information that is detrimental to one castaway's game.

Boston Rob most likely helps contestants looking to create a strong alliance. In the two seasons where he made the final tribal council, Rob created alliances that were air tight. 

Yeah, he burned some bridges along the way, but that's the game of Survivor and maybe someone that visits him will need to hear just that.

Credit: CBS

The Lairo Tribe

The one thing that immediately jumped out to me was that Ronnie Bardah is from Massachusetts. Actually, he's from Brockton, which is my hometown, so I will be stanning him. But we all know this dude is gonna talk to Boston Rob. 

"Boston Rob meet Brockton Ron."

This tribe also features an Olympic medalist, an Air Force veteran and a former NHL player so they are stacked on physical strength. 

I wouldn't be surprised if they absolutely own some challenges.

Credit: CBS

The Vokai Tribe

While the Lairo tribe is physically strong on paper, it looks like Vokai has the more strategic players to me. A lot of their bios focus on the strategic side.

Kellee's bio focused on finding a good meat shield while Tommy focused on finding the right bonds beyond the challenges. Looks like Kellee found her meat shield!

If they don't team up, I quit...until the next season where I make more bad predictions.

Make sure to tune in September 25 for a 90-minute premiere on CBS. If only every episode was 90 minutes, we'd be in Survivor heaven.

For a more in-depth look at the full cast, click here to read their CBS bios.

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