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Survivor is back and thankfully this season's twist didn't ruin the premiere

We were hesitant that the season would focus too much on Boston Rob and Sandra, but we actually got one of the better premiere episodes in a while!

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Survivor is back and thankfully, this season's twist didn't ruin the premiere episode, which was one of the best in a while!

The twist, if you don't know, is that Boston Rob and Sandra are back. But they aren't in the game. Instead, they are "idols" who impart wisdom onto the castaways on a separate island.

We watched the episode and get ready for our hot takes!

Island of the Idols

Both Boston Rob and Sandra are exactly the same and that's all you really need. They are both brutally honest and we wouldn't want it any other way.

But their edits are actually great after one episode. It remains to be seen what the rest of the show has in store for us, but right now this twist helps the show.

Rob and Sandra provide a bit of sage advice and the entertainment that has been missing from reward challenges.

Elizabeth though...woof. That lie was probably not a good idea in retrospect, considering she was in the majority alliance and no one was targeting her.

It'll be interesting to see if the next person lies about the twist.

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Our Faves

The clear cut fan favorites right now have to be the trio of Tom, Vince and Elaine. 

Their squad is such a nice mix of what makes Survivor a great TV show.

 All three of them come from different walks of life, but they all have something in common which bonds them on Survivor island.

Other favorites: Elizabeth and Janet

Tribal Council

All episode long, the show had made it a point to make strong characters out of Vince and Elaine, so there was no way we wanted them to go home.

But there's always that chance they will!

And the tribal delivered, giving us more of Elaine's humor, but it also gave us one of the more interesting first boots in Survivor history.

On paper, Brockton Ron makes it to the merge in any typical Survivor season, but this season may not be typical.

In some ways, he talked his way into being voted out. But Elaine might just be a fun force of nature that everyone wants to keep her around to keep up morale.

There hasn't been such a strong social threat like Elaine since maybe Tina. She is so dang likable that your personal feelings towards her outweigh your ability to play the game correctly.

It'll be interesting if she can survive another tribal, but we want to see more of the Vokai tribe so hopefully they go to tribal next.

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