LITTLE ROCK, Ark — Adam Bledoe says it all the time; he's living the dream he never knew he had. But are you?

Life coach Deana Williams wants you to ask yourself these questions:

Are you living the life of your dreams?

*if yes, great!
*if not, get busy living your best life
*be completely honest with self;
*to thine own self be true; what do you want
*visualize what “your best life” looks like
*if you can’t imagine it, you won’t achieve it

 Are you experiencing growth, change and abundance?

If yes, great!
If not, get busy changing your life today
*stop being passive and assert yourself
*become a curator of change
*take bold steps
*take risks; JUMP!

Are you living life on “full”?

If yes, great!
If not, get
*Do what makes you happy
*Do only what you can when you can
*take vacations as well as staycations
*impact the lives of others through service
*become comfortable with giving  and receiving

Deana says love hard, laugh often and live on intentionally on purpose everyday!!

You can contact Deana on Facebook or by calling 501-993-1705.

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