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Advice from a life coach | Connect to a cause

We are always using the phrase "help out a great cause." But how does supporting something like the More Than Pink Walk really help us?

LITTLE ROCK, Ark — Deana Williams with About Face Life Coaching joins The Vine every Monday at 9 a.m. Today, she's talking about 3 reasons to make a difference.

1). Connecting to a cause, connects us to charity for the most part.  Charity starts at home;  that from the heart reaches the heart! Connecting to a ‘cause’ provides us with opportunities help other.  Giving and serving others serves the compassionate  of us.  It boosts our self esteem and makes us feel good!

2).  Connecting to “causes keeps us in tune with our human side.  It allows us to feel the pain of others while we get to make a meaning impact by making a difference in research or change in general.  We get totaled an impact on a broad or general scale as we see fit.

3).  Connecting to a cause can be aligned with your belief, mission and life purpose.  Being connected allows you to give anonymously if desired.  You are able to give in many ways, time, money, service, etc.  technology has truly provided avenues for us to be change agents!  

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