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Breast Cancer Awareness from Arkansas Surgical Hospital

Arkansas Surgical Hospital provides leading breast cancer surgery in Arkansas.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark — October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Arkansas Surgical Hospital provides leading breast cancer surgery in Arkansas.

Breast Oncology Surgeon Dr. Dana Abraham shares her knowledge on what we need to know about breast health. There are warning signs of unhealthy breasts that may indicate something just isn’t right.

“I encourage women before they bathe to look in the mirror and raise their arms above their head,” says Abraham. “Any kind of flattening of the central breast, pooching of a section of the breast or perhaps dimpling of the skin can alert us that there might be a problem.”

“There is a disease that presents like eczema or psoriasis of the areola that can be on the outside that could alert us,” says Abraham. “Sometimes the breast doesn’t feel right – it feels heavy or just feels different.”

The bumps you should look for are not those that feel like peas, BB pellets or ones that feel like the tip of your finger. Look for more of a hump or mound.

Forty is the recommended age to start getting regular mammograms because less than 4 percent of breast cancers are found in women younger than 40.

“The older you get, the higher the risk,” says Abraham.

The recommendations are based on a woman of average risk. A woman that has significant risk factors, such as family history with a first degree relative diagnosed younger than 50, should start her screening 10 years younger than that relative.

“We try to individualize the screening recommendations now based on a woman’s individual risk,” says Abraham.

Getting regular exercise, getting your weight down toward a normal BMI, watching your alcohol intake, and eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables are the main healthy lifestyle behaviors for many types of cancer to help reduce your risk.

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